Australian Dollar

AUD has technically created a base, around 0.70 level on the back of Trump announcing his willingness to cut a deal with China after the G20 summit by the end of November. This could be the beginning of the end to the trade war story. This would bode very well for the Australian dollar as […]

USDCHF 24.09.2018 28.09.2018

This week USDCHF is making a textbook example of pullback inside an uptrend, we are talking about cot data. “During a correction from a prevailing uptrend, +40 point in movement in the Cot Index within a six-week period often marks the end of a corrective pullback, and the resumption of the major uptrend”(BRIESE, 2008, p.76) […]


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EURCHF 02-07 06-07 2018

EURCHF Long The pair has battled its way out of a multi-daily insidebar . EURCHF short exposure has reached extremes. Mainly due to political turmoil in Europe. As these negative effects are fading off the headlines. The short side is extremely vulnerable to a squeeze. Recent Swiss data has been somewhat disappointing against a strengthening EZ […]

AUDJPY 30.04-04.05 2018

AUDJPY Long Latest COT positioning revealed an increase in open interest, while shorts retreated and longs increased. This is great news and could lead to AUD turning net positive. A catalyst for further AUD appreciation could be provided by 3rd of May housing stats, where a rebound in data is likely. Furthermore, U.S. delegation visiting […]

USDCAD 16-20.04 2018

USDCAD Long This pair has carved a near-term bottom and suggests a surge back to 1.27 (currently trading at 1.25). The dynamic behind the sharp recent drop wasn’t only Canadian dollar risk premium unwind from NAFTA talks but also massive oil rally from recent turmoil in Syria. As Canadian dollar follows oil prices we saw […]

USDCHF 08/08/2018

USDCHF SHORT This week we are shorting USDCHF using COT data as our rationale. COT data reveals an incredible inside intelligence. Despite the myth that only non-commercial(Large speculators) are important to observe, commercials(Hedgers) have the same importance. Non-commercials are responsible for fuelling trends while commercials to cap or halt the trends.  And even with a […]

EURUSD 09-13.04 2018

EURUSD LONG Trade war talk and lower NFP print gave EURUSD an opportunity to bounce. But option defender at 1.2200 and FOMC on Wednesday are lending a hand to push the price to 1.2370 again. And possibly the start of the next leg up on this pair. Following the last FOMC minutes where the indication […]