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The long-awaited New Zealand¬†CPI is underway. The release almost always guarantees volatility, especially as it’s only released 4 times a year. As always, the numbers are only half the story, the other half being market expectation and implications further down the line. We’ve studied and followed NZD’s buyers and sellers over the past couple of months, and cornered the market. Here is how we’ll play the event: Read More

How Speculators Profit Every Week

We Speculators trade swings and massive trends end to end. Which also means we don’t get paid until market makes profits available to us. That’s why we have weekly tactical plays in our arsenal, to supply us steadily with weekly profits. Here is how we do it.

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3 month Trading Course is Boooming 

With the first week behind us and phenomenal gains on GBP, not only profits but educational gains too. The courses popularity is growing fast.

Ive dedicated a page to course subscribers where I’ll archive all course material(videos,PDF…) so that you don’t loose out even if you join later down the line.

In the coming month, we’ll be busy building core positions and preparing for the santa rally. Alongside subscribers will be given homework every week, to demonstrate their willingness to succeed and show off their newly developed skills.

I’d like to invite you, if you haven’t joined yet, to take part in this ground breaking experience.

Please view free starter PDF, course schedule and register your interest here

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