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Australian Dollar

AUD has technically created a base, around 0.70 level on the back of Trump announcing his willingness to cut a deal with China after the G20 summit by the end of November. This could be the beginning of the end to the trade war story. This would bode very well for the Australian dollar as risk-on flows would pick up. China is actively stimulating its own economy via liquidity injection and infrastructure spending. Which prompts increased raw material imports from Australia and thus aids the economy and AUD. Australian Dollar has been trading much lower than Australian commodity price...

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USDCHF 24.09.2018 28.09.2018

This week USDCHF is making a textbook example of pullback inside an uptrend, we are talking about cot data. “During a correction from a prevailing uptrend, +40 point in movement in the Cot Index within a six-week period often marks the end of a corrective pullback, and the resumption of the major uptrend”(BRIESE, 2008, p.76) Surge in Movement Index We are in a very interesting point in USDCHF because we should consider the resume of an uptrend or a Trend change for the downside. “The failure of a +-40 point in Movement Index signal to restart prevailing trend is...

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