CoT Analysis

Commitment of Traders report gets submitted every Tuesday to the CFTC and published every Friday. At first sight it’s just an indication how commercials and non-commercials are positioned in the market. But there is so much more to it. The UI (user interface) we offer shows a historical view on every currency, net long, net short and open interest. Coupled with our weekly expert COT analyst. We point out weekly flows and market direction with deadly accuracy. We decipher the COT report in great detail with logical reasoning and confidently predict a currencies direction.

The UI is available for annual subscribers only. The tool is geared towards traders that ride trends and trade massive swings. Traders that utilise the power of positioning of billions of dollars and are interested in growing their money over time.

The UI also includes a historical view on economic data for every currency. With a click of a button you can view all data releases with their estimates. This cuts down research time by a lot. Not only that but you’re able to identify when a currencies economic data peaks or bottoms out. Needless to say this will reflect in price and We’ve seen it time and time again how data surprises or disapointments are indicators of what’s to come.

Additional features:

-Twitter sentiment (acts as a contrarian indicator)

-Currency and Bond yield correlations (true indicator to validate genuine or fake breakouts)

-Seasonality indicator (every currency has seasonal tendencies)

-Volatility indicator (a heatmap so you can plot the strongest currency vs. the weakest)


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