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This page offers you comprehensive courses on analyzing price behavior and ultimately predicting direction. I have put the courses together drawn from my years of digging, studying and testing the markets.

Each topic offers you great insight into analytical skills that as a trader are vital. The courses cover areas for which have been many books written and traders around the world utilize every day to reap profits from the markets.

I have condensed this knowledge to its essence and core and once you commit to read and put the effort in the tutorials provided at the end of each course. You’ll be able to link together invaluable skills in order to shape a sentiment and predict price direction that will aid your trading and create a solid trading foundation.

I geared and dedicated my web page towards traders that have been in the market for several years and are beyond the gimmicks of what lures newbies to this business. I am very passionate about Forex trading and I like to share my time with like-minded people, that understand running a successful trading business calls for dedication beyond the average effort. Putting hours in when others are relaxing, staying focused and following the plan when the market throws you back and are disciplined enough not to temper with their risk-taking no matter what scenario arises because you know you deserve better. If you are not in that mindset, well then all I ask you is to think this way going forward.

There is something else I would like you to do, be very patient. It is imperative that after putting in hours of reading and digesting information from the very first course you’ll want to take it for a test drive. I have designed the courses and supporting tutorials, not as a stand-alone skill. Everything is linked together once you have studied them all and followed the exercises provided it is very likely you’ll find great success.


Each course follows the same structure.


You’ll read about the idea behind the course, why and where it is effective and finally how it looks like. Good Luck!

Miad Kasravi

Speculators Trading

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