Week 10

Market has a language and once you understand it there is no going back. You tackled 9 weeks of continuous studying this language. This week you’ll put to use what you worked so hard on. You’re already spotting weekly volatility consistently every week, and while you’ll continue this practice alongside daily recaps. You will work on timing your trades and plan them well ahead of time. Peak performance and mental awareness is more important than ever before now. Take time and perfect your psychology skills, every single day. The course is drawing to an end but your momentum and the fire inside you should be raging more than ever. Don’t let anything hold you back!

Planning trades, core and weekly

Using your knowledge on central banks(CB) monpol, major events and market anticipation of CBs and events. Plan core trades ahead. Use this 3 part video as a guide, part1   part2   part3 . Planning successful trades is essentially preparing for an attack, a good General is an informed one. Recon rules everything, you need to explore all risks that lay ahead. Explore all road bumps and know the date of the event. Think how urgent market feels to price a particular event in. Once you have a trade idea with a set time or price target, take it to the charts. Mark on the daily and weekly safe price zones and price levels(support,resistance,supply and demand) that will open up a major move.

Plan your weekly trades. You already know where to look for volatility, now is the time to execute your bias. Triggering weekly trades come in 2 forms. You either price in the event by buying/selling prior to the date. Or, you trigger your position once the event has cleared. Use this short video as a guide.

No two events are the same but the dynamics always are. Planning trades is a Speculators master skill. Essentially cornering the market and leaving it with very limited options. Put a lot of effort and passion into it as planned trades yield astronomical gains.

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