Week 11

You got a lot going on. Daily recaps 5 times a Week. Trade of the week. Mindset training every single moment of the day. And if there is one transformation you could point at, it has to be unparalleled confidence. Because confidence doesn’t come from reading pretty quotes and memes. Confidence comes from knowledge and experience. Now that you are a happy and confident trader, it is time to put your nerves to the test. You are tasked to call a winning trade, no pressure.

Call a trade

Think like a speculator. Analyse with a rational mind to corner the market and limit it’s options. Narrow down a particular asset and call a trade. Complete with entry, stop placement, invalidation scenarios, risks ahead and targets. This is your time to shine and make your speculators trading debut. Share your trade idea on twitter @specstrading. Use this report as a guide.

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