Week 12

This is it, you made it. One more week and the course ends. That doesn’t mean the end of your journey. Extend your membership to keep access to the private twitter feed and exchange trade ideas. But concerning your learning curve, it’s all down to fine tuning going forward. As you are actively trading it is essential that you keep a journal of your ideas and also executions. Use this as a guide.

Last week you were tasked to call a trade. I hope it turned out to be a great experience for you. This week you’ll do the same again. And as a departing  exercise you’ll produce a forecast.

Produce a forecast

Write a report following your skill set you expanded on from week 10. Forecasts aren’t actual trades, but a perspective you hold of an asset. Which given the opportunity is tradeable. Follow this medium term analysis as  a guide. Forecasts take a lot of hours to complete, as they take into account every factor for and against the chosen asset. It is self-explanatory that a Speculator only produces these every quarter or so. They take time to unfold but are representative of your core market beliefs. Your market forecast is your directional guide when you take up a positions.

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