Week 2

The daily recaps are daunting at times. There is are lot of words that do not make sense to you at first. Rest assured, it will all fall into place. Your work at this stage is to filter the noise find the strongest theme. Always refer to @specstrading feed as all relevant news is shared there. There are times where short term noise creates a pullback against the dominant theme. Which in turn calls for a reversal, use this video as  a guide. Keep up the recaps every single night, regardless if you’re actively trading or not. A hunter never looses sight of it’s prey and a speculator always stays informed. Continue your exercise consistently and as detailed as you can. A profitable trader is a trader who is serious about his/her information feed and relentless in their discipline.
While it is challenging to discipline yourself and committing to these recaps. Bare in mind that, it’s the core of what we do, we share the same information as hedgefunds and  financial institutions. That’s why we have to stay on top of it, every single day. Regardless if you have an active trade or not. Thankfully fatigue will not kick in until week 4, where you’ll work on fundamental mental skills. That will ensure peak performance at all times. However if you feel you cannot cope anymore and running low on moral, feel free to have a sneak peak at Week 4 chapters. But ideally tough it out, and push on with the recaps. For some traders it all makes sense from the first week, for some it doesn’t fall in place until much later. Take confidence in that as a member you have always my support, and know that you are on a path that will set you apart from all the other traders.

Research: Bond, bond yields and relation to FX rates

Weekly research tasks are designed to put you in charge of your own education. This weeks task is to understand US Bonds and their yields. Particularly 2yr,5yr,10yr and 30yr. Understand why investors buy or sell them and what effects it has on the currency market, and other markets. Credible sources are investopedia, babypips, fxstreet and Wikipedia. The list is not exhaustive, feel free to explore and discuss your findings with me on Twitter @specstrading
Here is a link from investopedia to start you off. https://www.investopedia.com/articles/forex/05/041305.asp
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