Week 4

Keeping up with daily market moving news, is vital to your trading business. After all an informed trader is a confident trader. But it comes at a cost of mental fatigue. This week for the first time, your focus will shift towards trading psychology. In particular maintaining peak performance. This week you’ll get familiar with 4 hormones of your brain, which if kept balanced will ensure you are always in best form. Top athletes and professionals in all fields of work, are aware of their inner workings and made it their life choice to actively and consistently balance those hormones. For a trader, staying on top of them means peak performance, robust decision making and relentless execution of their trading plan.

Trading Psychology: Maintaining peak performance

Weekly trading psychology skills development, are scientifically proven traits that enhance performance and maintain consistency. This week you’ll understand in great depth what drives the human brain at any given moment. More importantly you’ll be tasked to create an environment where you can guarantee a steady supply of all 4 hormones. Please watch this video by Simon Sinek, enjoy!
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