Week 9

You are psychologically unfolding. It is easier to accept your newly found awareness by keeping your happy hormones balanced (edso). When your happy hormones are saturating your brain it becomes a breeze dealing with anxiety, distractions and all big and little daily life annoyances. Should your edso levels fall shy of balanced you’ll find certain tasks harder and harder means higher fail rate. In trading that directly hits your P/L ( profit and loss) as your decision making becomes sloppy, inconsistent and fear driven. So be happy and money will flow, as you got speculators methods on your side. This week you will build further on your trading psychology skill set. Market tracking through recaps and weekly trades as your core practice resumes. This is where your true power lies as a speculator, information is king.

Trading Psychology: Breaking negative momentum

Weekly trading psychology skills development, are scientifically proven traits that enhance performance and maintain consistency. Pay attention to what you think in any given moment and continue to give attention to. If it’s even in the slightest irritating, it will add up and create stress. Which in turn takes time and effort to unravel . Breaking the momentum when your mind is working on nonsense and negative thoughts, leaves you with much more space and room to operate at peak performance. And make focused decisions on a daily basis in trading or out in your daily life. Behaviors like defending your beliefs to yourself , take up a lot of processing space and it absolutely merits nothing. It’s like you have a super computer but only %10 is idle, as the rest of the processing core is busy demonstrating how powerful it could be, to itself. I hope this sounds irrational and idiotic enough for you, to start a momentum breaking revolution inside your head. Create more processing space and make better decision. Task yourself to monitor your thoughts and direct them at something more useful.
Here is a link from Abraham Hicks on breaking negative momentum https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YoVxawPQEn0
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