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2 courses for the price of 1

What You’ll Get:

  • Actionable London Fix Trading Guide Never Shared Online Before
  • High Accuracy Forex Swing and Day Trading Strategy
  • Multiple Trading Example Videos
  • Fundamental Course



This is a unique offer and not matched anywhere else. You’ll learn to use Macro Trading Levels and Directional Bias With High Accuracy.

Order now and get the extra fundamental course.
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High Accuracy Forex Swing and Day Trading Strategy

  1. Paul Andrews

    Paul Andrews (verified owner)

    Simply put. Next level of Incredible.

  2. John Stracey (verified owner)

    Been with Miad now for the last 5 months learning the London fix strategy.
    I can honestly say my trading has improved greatly.
    The London fix is an easy to understand and follow. With some great traders in the chat room to offer help and support. Out of all the courses I have done this one is by far the best. Just wish I found it earlier.

  3. Tony(verified owner)

    A 2 fold review,
    Miad the person: Miad is not your average person he is trustworthy and honest and this is both rare and hard to find in this business
    LoFix Strategy: the LoFix strategy is simple to understand and to implement, rules are precise which removes the “guesswork” factor from the equation

    Thank you Miad

  4. Damian F

    Damian Field (verified owner)

    Miad and the London Fix Strategy is the ideal blend of fundamental and technical trading. Miad deciphers market events and the london fix provides the framework and areas to look for the trades.

    Its easy to learn and apply and Ive seen first hand that the market values and reacts to these areas even if you trade them in isolation to news events. Credit for a great strategy.

  5. David Jackson

    David Jackson (verified owner)

    Trading for 20 years and this is the best thing I have learnt in a very long time. Awesome course, Awesome and professional teacher in Miad

  6. Adam(verified owner)

    The Effect using London Fix in my trading had is astronomical!!!

    Can’t believe I was missing this all this time

  7. Cameron Riggs(verified owner)

    I got FTMO funded!!!
    Thank you so much Miad, I’m delighted with your risk management and trade calls

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