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Meet the team:

 Miad Kasravi (@ZFXtrading)

Leo Hermoso (@leohermoso),


Miad began his career in 2011 trading stocks, on the Tehran Stock exchange (Tepix). Didn’t take him too long to realize the potential of currency trading. In March 2012 migrated his efforts to learn and develop skills for the Forex market. In 2015 a total game changer swept his career. Miad was introduced to Speculator trading Methods by his mentor, a private millionaire trader from France. Success has been a companion ever since. Miad has a very deep knowledge of sentiment and flow, with the ability to identify trend reversals and continuation reading and deciphering news.

Leo began his career in 2006 trading stocks on Brazil’s Stock exchange (Bovespa). First worked as a broker, just executing orders on behalf of clients. The game changer for Leo, was in 2008 when he was introduced to automated trading. In a short time span he was developing and coding strategies for a fund in Brazil. His first contact with the Forex market was in 2011. Leo left the exchange behind and fully focused on trading FX.  Through the creation of several fine-tuned bots and manual trading, Leo developed a  very profitable trading business.

We call ourselves Speculators and our experience showed us, that the best way to keep learning is sharing knowledge. We acknowledge that a deep understanding of market dynamics, money flows, logical information and economic data are paramount in order to conquer the markets and grow profits.  So we decided to share our experience and approach to the markets. Through a dedicated twitter feed and a private chatroom. We show you how to identify trades that are very high in probability, and ride trends from the start until it comes to fruition. Coupled with our proprietary COT data analysis. You have a game-changing platform to grow your knowledge and make a life-changing trading career breakthrough.

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