Speculators Trading – Complete Macro Strategy

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    • We provide a unique edge-defining Trading Course on market sentiment, money flow, fundamental analysis and technical influences.

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We provide a unique edge-defining Macro Course on market sentiment, money flow, fundamental analysis and technical influences. Plus, COMPLETE access to actionable education videos.

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  1. Long D.

    My expectations were far exceeded. Now i understand the financial economics much better thanks a lot miad. Can‘t wait to trade my first million. 👊🏻😎🥳

  2. Reuben .

    Reuben Vilks (verified owner)

    Save yourself some time and money and just read investopedia. The content here is scarce and a lot of it is copy pasted. Look into Trader Dante’s material will give you the most bang for buck if you wish to be more technically inclined however for macro “A concise guide to macroeconomics” by David Moss, investopedia articles will do you well (could be worth looking into macroeconomics university modules online as well as watching Macrohedged’s book list on the topic).

    Anyway I’m sure Miad is a proper ledge but his educational content needs some refurbishing. If you do take this course expect it to be a lot of reviewing economic news backed with background reading so you get a feel for the markets.

  3. Abhishek Tyagi (verified owner)

    A very structured and precise way to understand functioning of the market like separating the wheat form the chaff. Totally changed the way I looked at the market. Now I am more confident about the trades I take.

  4. Mark (verified owner)

    Although Reuben MIGHT be right(as the internet is offering a lot of information for “free”), the order of which the course is presented is of very good quality and Miad is virtually always there to answer questions and help out. He challenges you as well to recap the market and guides you into how one should proces the info that anything market related might flood you with.

    I have checked out some groups and channels and very much recommend this one for beginners and novices.

    Know about some guys in the group that had difficulties becoming consistent and got closer to it because of the lessons taught in this course.

    One has access to the Slack as well, where Miad is open with his trades AND REASONING behind it. This is crucial to the learning process.

    Happy to stay in this one (did 5 groups, left them virtually all after the first month.)

  5. Brian M (verified owner)

    This course helped me more than I would have imagined. If you put in the work, you will see results, I have no doubts about that. Miad is there to personally help you throughout the entire thing. He’s a great mentor, he forces you to think differently and to always be one step ahead. He’s incredibly open and transparent about all his trades and how’s he’s managing them as it happens live in the slack.

  6. Barry Mctavish (verified owner)

    You get access to an informative group where Miad is on hand to run you through anything that you don’t understand. I had no idea of fundamental trading before going through the course but I can now say I understand a lot more. There are charlatans in the trading space selling courses that you can learn by watching a youtube clip. Speculators trading is not one of them I can’t stress the integrity and honesty Miad has shown since getting to know him through the group. In my opinion well worth 3 months subscription!

  7. Tylar Edwards

    TraderTed (verified owner)

    Miad has a great understanding of financial markets, after completing the 12-week course my knowledge of the markets has increased significantly. Coming from a purely technical background, learning fundamental analysis has changed the game for me.

    It has now been two months since completing the course and I have been consistently profitable week on week.

    Highly recommend.

  8. Gavin (verified owner)

    This course is an absolute bargain, some great content for beginners and some thought provoking concepts to absorb and work at. Thanks Miad it’s really helped me to become more disciplined and analytical.
    You’re a ledge appreciate you’re generous with your time to share and discuss views on trade ideas over the years

  9. Messerschmitt(verified owner)

    I dont understand some of the criticisms this course gets. If you think you go through the material and become a trading superstar then you are dreaming
    You’ll learn when and how to trade based on fundamental drivers. So to stay clear of noise and impulsive trades.
    Here you’ll learn to trade with logic and I can wholeheartedly say now that I know what drives the market I never look back

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