Sentiment Recap 11th April

Good Morning,

Gbp ppi and cpi are due this morning. Important indicators for the path of BOE and possible further hiking, definitely ground for volatility.

Kuroda made positive remarks about the economy rebounding and also mentioned rate hikes and balance sheet shrinking down the line. Coupled with geopolitical risks such as Syria and Noth Korea conflict-G7 meeting and persuading Putin to depart ties with Syria there is a good case for yen surging.

Main focus for the week, major hold up and cause for price gridlock is the kickoff of earnings season starting on Friday when  markets are shut. Investors are expecting good numbers and once the hype dies down the financial markets will return to the reality which is a world full of geopolitical risks and demand for safe havens.

Oil enjoying a nice ride from Middle East conflict and supply disruptions in Libya. However it seems American supply is trying catch up.

Expecting supply and demand zones to hold. Flows on euro possibly negative and positive on yen and to an extent usd too. Something I’ll keep in mind while day trading today.
Miad kasravi 

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