Sentiment Recap 13th April

Good Morning,

This week is clipped with markets shut tomorrow apart from futures and FX.

Big turnaround for the buck with Trumps comments about too strong dollar. We had similar remarks back in January and it did weigh on the currency for several weeks. Expecting no less, coupled with a slower pace of interest rate hikes we got ourselves a mini trend.

Gbp wage forth beat! Only by a margin but it was most welcomed as now pressure mounts for BOE to lift rates. Gbp is a great buy against usd and euro, not expecting any of the resistance and respective supports to hold.

The narrative for yen still stands. The economy is getting better, Nikkei is dropping however geopolitical risks are slightly dissipating.

Euro will be clubbed very hard in the coming sessions as it is a free for all for the next French president, something to keep an eye on.

Aussie is seeing the  sunshine again after better jobs data and further surge is likely especially against usd. Will be hunting for Insidebar setups to go long.

Earnings kick off 9am Tokyo time.

Miad Kasravi 

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