Sentiment Recap 18th April 

Good Morning Squad,

Markets are a bit of a mix. Note: earnings due this week,NKorea tension building but Gold declining and Trump talks Dollar down while Mnuchin tries to bolster it.

In times like that I take lead from 10yr yield and technical analysis for further guidance.

RBA minutes outcome was Aussie negative as they are more concerned about labour market than housing bubble. However Kiwi quite stable.

On the forefront are Euro and GBP. They are finding love from traders and here is why:

-euro on the lower end and been very resilient to selloffs

-eventhough the French election seems to be a 4way it is less likely Le Pen will secure the office 

-Euro has stabilised somewhat after Draghi comments weeks ago and technical analysis suggests an epic comeback against all majors.Daily pinbar is suggesting upward swing

-gbp incentives are the same they were 1 month ago and will continue to break resistance and supply areas with each new trading session 
Miad Kasravi 

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