Speculators Training Intro

Speculators Trading offers a powerful insight into the world of successful and consistent Forex trading, through tried and tested advanced speculative trading methods. Alongside Chief Mentor and Market expert Miad Kasravi.

Over a 3 month period you will learn to demonstrate on a daily basis how to analyze the Forex, Crypto Currencies, Commodities, and Indices markets, confidently and consistently utilizing key speculators methods, allowing you to become profitable over and over again – all while being able to maintain your day jobs.
By the end of the program, you`ll be able to identify key trends, current market sentiment, and be able to follow and anticipate daily market flow. This will enable you to confidently execute long-term winning trades over and over again.


The Speculators Trading Mentorship offers exceptional value and comes highly respected and widely recommended by many Forex traders.

As a private member, you will receive exclusive access to a members telegram group, private Spec Traders Twitter feed, advanced market analysis including CoT data, fundamental strength and weakness breakdown via detailed charts, course material access via website member log-in, PLUS Miad`s very own Trade Of The Week and daily trade calls.

You will also gain exclusive access to a 1-to-1 psychology session with Miad in order to aid your training on a personal level, as well as a private telegram feed dedicated to detailed yet simplified fundamental analysis, market sentiment re-caps and live trade management

Note: Access to Twitter is required

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