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Trade Fearlessly & Grow Your Account

“I am the Danger!” Walter White’s famous words from the TV series, Breaking Bad. He was a science teacher who, after finding out he was terminally ill, quit his 2nd job at a car wash with an abusive boss, confronted his disabled son’s bullies, and cooked the finest meth the fictional world has ever seen. He meddled with fearsome drug lords and made big bucks. He knew his life will surely and quickly come to an end. It triggered something inside that drowned out the coward in him and unleashed his untamed beast.

In this article, I want to bring you the logic behind unlocking your fearlessness. You could say this is an actionable article, not just merely informative. At the end of this article, you’ll understand what drives fear in traders. Why do we close out early, place impulsive trades and take unplanned positions? Assuming you are a sensible individual and can reflect on what drives certain costly behaviours, you should be at the beginning of the end to a seemingly uncontrollable habit.“Trade Fearlessly & Grow Your Account”Continue reading

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The long-awaited New Zealand CPI is underway. The release almost always guarantees volatility, especially as it’s only released 4 times a year. As always, the numbers are only half the story, the other half being market expectation and implications further down the line. We’ve studied and followed NZD’s buyers and sellers over the past couple of months, and cornered the market. Here is how we’ll play the event:“NZDUSD CPI BATTLEPLAN”Continue reading

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